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Portable water filter buying guide

The portable water filter is a part of our life in outdoor. You know how important water is in our lives. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we all know how much water we use or drink.In fact, I can’t imagine a day without water. However, it is very […]

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Best water filter system Full Buying Guide

Is your tap water safe? Unfortunately, many of our peoples’ water is not safe and it is not healthy. Best water filter system helps to avoid this issue. Because unhealthy water contamination, such as bacteria and pesticides, can be found in many water Tap. The important thing now is to know if there is contamination in […]

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Pur Water Filter Pitcher Reviews- Water Filter Selection

Now Pur is the most popular water medication company and they contest Brita. PUR Water Filter Pitcher gets all generation popularity by their comfort price with quality. They have some different pitcher models that give you different water capacity with different models and sizes. You can choose what you need. But they always try to […]

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