Pur Water Filter Pitcher Reviews- Water Filter Selection

Now Pur is the most popular water medication company and they contest Brita. PUR Water Filter Pitcher gets all generation popularity by their comfort price with quality.

They have some different pitcher models that give you different water capacity with different models and sizes. You can choose what you need. But they always try to give you comfort prices in the best one. So you not able to get extra features like the Brita wifi system. And pur filter usage most of the customers give excellent feedback.

PUR Water Filter Pitcher Review

PUR minimize 2x more water lead than Brita they also have certified it. And when you are shifting from Brita, and search different items you normally automatically find PUR. They are exclusive feature is 2 filtering cartridge. You can find other devices this 2 filter but they don’t have chlorine removing system. But PUR certified for combination this 2 filter for removing chlorine and lead.

Why you choose PUR?

  • Easy installation: You don’t need any tools to install these water filters. It so easy and you use see user manual and setup it by a few easy steps.
  • Their Jar fill lid system is too much comfort. You can fill lid very comfortably that is a great feature.
  • This filter cleaning system monitor always shows your water cleaning status.
  • Pur Filter Fit system is more Secure.
  • Their Exclusive Slim Design.
  • 2x water treatment.
  • Comfort price.
Pur water filter pitcher reviews

PUR Lead Reduction System:

Especially the using MAXION filter technology and innovative design that is really great for the Lead filtering system. And you also able to get more large information on Pur official websites. PUR MAXION® Filter system able to minimize Mercury 100 of 96, Pollutants 100 of 95 and pharmaceuticals 100 of 94 and Microbial Cysts 100 of 99.

The water filter cartridge is most important and Pur Basic filer cartridge able to minimize 99.5% more lead from defiled water. So I think you understand their ability and it certification report.

If you are Live in a high water defiled area and you found high lead in your water. This filter perfectly suitable for you. Their special carbon filter makes a shell that treats water in steam-heated technology.

Pitcher design and Capacity:

Design and Capacity is the most important section and you need more attention before buying one. So I give a part in pitcher review.

PUR Basic Pitcher: This Pitcher capacity 7 cup water. It best for personal use. You can get here only 1 basic pitcher filter. And you can use this 1 pitcher filter 40 gallons water more up to 2 months. Their design is looking very good. and comfort in hand.

PUR Classic Pitcher: This model designs the same to Pur Basic Pitcher but its capacity more, it able to filter 11 cup water in one time. And it has some extra feature you find here build-in LED light indicator. Its perfect for little family.

PUR classic Large: It’s capacity 18 cups of water. So it perfect for a family and it more attractive by their slim design. It also gives you a great water test by minimizing chlorine.

Filter Replacement:

When you reach the filtering limit you need to replace it. Like that PUR basic 40 Gallons water filtering later you need to change their filter. And this cost needs to carry you. So it 1 bad section.

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